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Chuu~ good week!

^_^ Ahhh~ despite health problems this is going to be a good week! Tomorrow.. Pirates of the Caribbean comes out on DVD!! *bounce* Hail to the Sexiest Actor in Hollywood~ Johnny Depp! *__* *throws glitter on a Johnny picture* now he sparkles too! =9 And anywho.. Wendsday (god I hate that word.) I get my class ring! =3 Two good things two days in a row.. -.o' Although I must find a cunning way to persuade my grandmother to buy me Pirates for Christmas since my butthead Mother bought me freakin' FINDING NEMO!!!!!!!!!!! >O I wouldn't be so mad about it normally except that I asked for Pirates and the Two Towers. Not Nemo! ><' It pisses me off to the highest point of Pisstivity! *pause while Wauwa-chan is dragged out side and beaten with a pillow by church going activists for her foul language.* x.o' Anyway.. it's a good week... right? *cough cough sneeze hack!* @_@'
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