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¤*¤ Sparkles for all!!! ¤*¤

Wheeeeeee!!! I figured out how to do the sparkly background behind the text thing!!! ^__^ You need a transparent GIF for it to look right, but ... whee! I had to try a few times to get it right, but now I've gotten it right and I must share with all of you!!!

Make sure to switch the [ ] for < > when converting into HTML...

[font style="background: url(URL of image goes here)"]Text goes here[/font]

And that's how it's done! I found some really good transparent sparkly GIFs here, including the one behind all this text. Isn't sparkling fun??? ^__^

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You're just sparkleriffic, dear. ^_~
i was just wondering... do you know how to change the "post comment" thing? the one on this community says "glisten"... just thought you could help... thanks...=) and i'd like to know how to change the page background...