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none to be given

Geez.. lately I just feel.. I dunno.. unloved, really... -.-' none of my 'friends' talk to me unless I IM them first.. well with the exception of Sara Tilford, but all she does is talk about being a camp councelor and how much fun it is. (And if you're reading this, Sara. I'm sorry.. but you do.) The only person who doesn't do either of those things is Josh... really I think he's all that's keeping me from ripping my own heart, still beating, from my chest.
I don't mean to offend anyone... really I don't I just don't really believe in lying to people. -.-' Yea, yea, I can hear some of you in the back saying.. 'BS Laura you're an effin' hypocrit' well, right now I'm feeling pretty friggin' righteous so I'm gonna lay it all out straight for you people. I'm not gonna mention names, those of you who I am talking about know who you are some of you used to be REALLY freakin' close with me... and now it's a miracle to get you to say more than two words to me. I know I'm not that great-o-person.. but geez couldn't you at least tell me 'Piss off and die??' that's at least more than two words and I'd get the picture.
If you DON'T wanna hear me bitch or moan at you any more, just say so, alright?? Quit toying with me, 'cause I am SOOO liable to snap. I think you should be nice to people as a general rule, but when they ask you if you like them.. don't tell them you do when you don't.
Any way.. now I'm just ranting.. I apologize to everyone who now has a guilty mind... but this is how I feel and I can't change that. 'course no one's probably even READING the POS thing.. no one cares. No one ever does.. the only one who I don't have to beg and plead to get attention from is Josh, which is really sad because I've known some of my friends A HELL of a lot longer than I have him.
If anyone took the time to read this thing.. thanks for the consideration. I'm sorry if anyone is now, annoyed, guilt-ridden, or depresed. I'll just go piss and moan in my corner now until SOMEBODY decides to give a damn... or until the apocolypse.. whichever comes first.
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